How To Grow Roses

How to Grow Roses – Getting Started With the Basics


You may have put off learning How to Grow Roses as you may have thought it too difficult. Roses are such a gorgeous flower and the plant itself can be intimidating with the stems and all. Growing roses is really super easy; you just need to educate yourself.

You can educate yourself about roses from reading about the process on the Internet. You can ask questions from the gardener, you can ask questions from the employee’s at your favorite nursery and you can ask questions from your neighbor of whose roses you admire the most. However, you probably don’t realize that you already have some knowledge of How to Grow Roses.

The bottom line is that roses are no different than marigolds. Roses are a plant and they need a certain amount of sun, water and food just like any other plant. If you already have a number of other plants in your garden, chances are that you won’t have any issues growing roses. If your thumb isn’t very green, you will need to take more time and provide more love when tending to your roses but it won’t take long before the blooms are gracing your yard.

How to Grow Roses

There are literally thousands of different types of plants on our planet and each one prefers to grow in a particular spot. Roses are no different. Keep in mind that there are numerous types of varieties and although their needs are basically the same, each one wants something a little different. A good point to remember is that roses are very strong willed and they can grow in a number of locations without much work on your part.

Probably the most important thing to remember as you learn How to Grow Roses are the basics. How much sun should your particular rose have each day, does it need water each day, when should food be given and when should it be trimmed? Should it be planted in the ground or can it be planted in a pot?

Most roses require a minimum of 6 good hours of full sun each day. We know that this is not always possible but if you can provide most of this necessary time the better off the rose will be. What if you live in a region where the sun always shines? The placement then should somewhere where a sufficient amount of morning and/or evening sun is received as the mid-day sun could burn the rose.

In regards to watering, roses can be very easily over watered and root rot can occur. A good rule of thumb for the warmer months is to water deeply but not every day. This process will allow the deeper roots the moisture they need as well as the roots that are closer to the surface. In the colder months, the amount of water will depend upon which region and how cold it gets.

Roses do need a certain type of soil and a sufficient amount of nutrients, just like any other plant. When planting your rose, use a soil that already has fertilizer in it or mix a rose fertilizer into the soil that already exists before planting your rose. Fertilization should occur at a minimum of once every year thereafter and it’s best to do this in the spring.

And what about trimming your rose? Once blooms begin, you will trim every so often so that you can have fresh flowers inside your home on your counter or to share them with friends. For a good trimming, some prefer to trim in the fall and some prefer in the spring.

Roses can be planted in pots but be sure that you purchase the right sized pot and that the pot won’t tip over with the rose in it. Extra care in regards to the amount of water and fertilizer will also need to be taken. This is because the plant is limited to what you provide to the pot/planter. The rose cannot extend its roots outwards in search of more water and food if needed.

Roses have been loved by many for centuries and with the enthusiasm of many, more varieties of roses are being introduced every year. Learning How to Grow Roses, miniature to climbing, is very simple once you know the basics.