Names of Roses

Names of Roses – Are Bountiful   As far back as can be documented, the rose has been valued for the beauty it holds.  The rose has been a symbol to identify a confidential matter in Rome or social democracy for most of Europe after World War II.  Of course, … Continue reading

Knockout Roses

What Are Knockout Roses   Have you ever seen Knockout Roses? This particular type of rose is one of the more famous of roses as the blossoms are simple exquisite. The name certainly matches the vision that one sees. Introduced by rose breeder, Bill Radler, the first Knockout has expanded … Continue reading

Crimson Bouquet Rose

Crimson Bouquet Rose – (AARS) winner for 2000   The “Crimson Bouquet” is the All-America Rose Selections (AARS) winner for 2000; what a way to start the new century! With its elegant cutting stems holding a spectacular and very intense and deep red blossom enhanced with beautiful green leaves, makes … Continue reading

Starry Night Rose

Starry Night Rose -All-America Rose Selections   This AARS Award Winning Rose is so simple and cute but stands graceful and elegant at all times. The Starry Night Rose is one of three All-America Rose Selections (AARS) winners for 2002. This rose has a softer touch than your average rose … Continue reading

Gardening Roses

Gardening Roses – Relaxing and Fun!   Oh the scents that flowers can deliver into the air! A flower garden is such a beautiful sight when in bloom and even better when flowers are blooming at different times of the year.  Caring for a flower garden can be difficult if … Continue reading

Rooting Roses

Rooting Roses – What Does It Mean?   Why are roses one of the most wanted in a flower garden? Perhaps it is because they are so beautiful and their fragrance is aromatic.  Roses have always been a very popular flower for most occasions; growing roses is popular as well … Continue reading

Rose Cultivation

Rose Cultivation for Beginners   It is usually a concern that you are not doing the right thing when you begin a new process.  As long as you use common sense and follow any instructions or guidelines you have you will do a good job.  Rose Cultivation For Beginners takes … Continue reading