Kordana Rose

Kordana Rose Different Types   What is one of the most beautiful things you can think of? Are roses one of them? Roses are unique, lovely and sought after as gifts on special occasions.  The rose family consists of numerous types and colors.  Did you know that roses even come in … Continue reading

Shade Roses

Shade Roses – Do They Need to Be?   When we have taken great care in maintaining our yards, in time it becomes beautiful and full of a variety of different types of plant life.  When the trees are mature and ample shade abounds, we want to “decorate” around the … Continue reading

Black Roses

Black Roses In My Garden – Rock!   Walk around your yard and ponder upon the numerous colors that are there.  Gaze upon the many different colors of flowers and variations of the simple color green that are there.  It Roses are a variety of plant in which dozens of … Continue reading

Roses Diseases

Roses – Diseases Raising roses can be fun yet challenging. Roses – Diseases can hinder your work and keep you from having the beautiful rose bushes you have always wanted. Fungi, mildew, bacteria, and viruses can attack your roses just the same as they can you. These things are in the air … Continue reading

Rose Watering

Rose Watering – Keep Those Roses Watered.   Roses are red. Violets are blue. How much water do I use?  Rose watering doesn’t have to be a mystery. Nor does it have to be a headache as you watch your roses suffer. In general, if the soil is moist, your … Continue reading

Rose Soil

Proper Rose Soil   There are several different factors that should be taken into account during the planning process of creating the beautiful flower garden that you have dreamed of all your life. When part of your plans consist of including a variety of attractive roses in your dream garden, … Continue reading

Rose Planting

Rose Planting – For the Beginner   Usually when a person decides that they would like to create a flower garden, they will eventually also decide that rose planting is a task that they would like to try and tackle as well. These flowers are a good option for any … Continue reading