Black Roses

Black Roses In My Garden – Rock!


Walk around your yard and ponder upon the numerous colors that are there.  Gaze upon the many different colors of flowers and variations of the simple color green that are there.  It Roses are a variety of plant in which dozens of different colored blooms can be chosen to provide beauty and color to your yard.  Black Roses In My Garden – Rock help to accentuate the other beautiful colors that are there.

It is wonderous to see the rainbow of colors that exist in our world either in our yard or neighbors yards as we walk by.  Every yard is different just as every home owner is dkm kn ifferent.  I love to see all the different colors in my yard as the variety pleases my senses.  Of the roses, the Black Roses in My Garden – Rock and are one of the more unique plants that I have.

Although you can find black roses in some floral shops by the name of Black Baccara, you won’t find them naturally in nature.  If you believe you have found one, it isn’t.  The Black Baccara buds look more “black” as the petals are tightly hugging each other but the blossoms when opened are a deep hue mixture of a dark blue and dark red

If you want a black rose, there are several ways to obtain one.  A rose can be spray painted black and once dry, it will stay the way you dried it.  A lighter colored stemmed roses and place the cuttings into water that has black food coloring in it and allow the rose to absorb the food color.  In regards to this particular process, the entire rose including the stem and leaves, will turn black. Another option is to dip the flower blossom itself into the dye colored water until the petals have turned.

If you want to turn a rose bush that you already have in your yard or garden, there is a way to do this as well.  The Black Roses in My Garden – Rock and they are easy to have.  The process is simple as it just takes black dye, water and some patience.

The process begins with either a rose plant you already have in your garden or a newly purchased rose bush. It is best to use a rose that already is a dark color and should be planted in a somewhat shady spot.  Make a mixture of one teaspoon and five cups of water then once every two weeks, water the rose bush aiming for the middle of the bush.

The above process should take about a month for the rose blossoms to be “black”.  If the first blooms are not as dark as you want, repeat the dying process until you are satisfied.  Once the blossoms are the “black” you want, you can tell your friends that the Black Roses In My Garden – Rock.

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