Caring for Roses

Caring for Roses – What Does it Take?


If you are a gardener who wants to learn all the special techniques about caring for roses, then you’ve come to the right place. Roses are a beautiful flower that is extremely popular, and they are commonly grown all around the world. Because there are so many different varieties to choose from, they can be grown in many different climates, and they do not need special equipment for cooling or heating them in various extreme climates.


If you have decided that you want to start caring for roses in your garden, or maybe even in the front yard of your house for decoration, you need to consider which variety of this flower you would like to choose, and make sure that the color scheme matches its surroundings. You also need to make sure that they will get at least six hours of unfiltered sunlight each day. A rose mix that can be purchased from your local gardening store includes a variety of nutrients that are just for roses, and can help them to thrive and flourish. You will need to take the time to water them until they are fully grown into the garden area selected and able to maintain themselves. Be sure that even after they are fully-grown and matured that you still water them during the dry spells that some states can have.  Also, if you have decided to grow climbing roses, be sure that you have a good fencing for them to climb on and that adequate sunlight hits in every area that they may climb.

If you have blooming problems, it is usually due to low phosphorus levels in the soil, and it can happen if you do not use rose fertilizer. When you buy a bag of fertilizer, you will notice that there are three numbers on the front packaging. The first number is for nitrogen, which makes most plants grow and become green, the second number is for phosphorus, which helps the blooming and flower development, and the third number is for potassium, which is for more blooming and proper flow of nutrition. Each of these are important for the process of caring for roses.

Other problems with blooming and caring for roses may indicate that you have an insect problem with your plants, and you should find an insecticide for treatment. Aphids are insects that are very common with roses. They are very small and about one-eighth of an inch long. They are green, red, black, or brown in color and usually feast on new growth.  If you intend on getting rid of them with insecticide, check your local and state regulations regarding insecticide use and follow the label instructions for the specific product you buy.

When spraying insecticide, you should be sure to spray upwind so that you can thoroughly cover the entire plant, or if you have bought a systemic type of insecticide, then you can simply sprinkle it on the ground before you water your flowers, and the roots will absorb it. As soon as the aphids eat the plants, they will die.

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