Crimson Bouquet Rose

Crimson Bouquet Rose – (AARS) winner for 2000


The “Crimson Bouquet” is the All-America Rose Selections (AARS) winner for 2000; what a way to start the new century! With its elegant cutting stems holding a spectacular and very intense and deep red blossom enhanced with beautiful green leaves, makes this rose one to have on your rose “wish list”.

This stunning bush offers long stems in lengths of 14 to 18 inches which are flattered by immensely deep green leaves. Of course, the petals and the long stems are not the reasons why we would want this rose in our gardens; it is because of its spectacular blooms. Introduced by Bear Creek Gardens, this strikingly beautiful rose has been produced with the parentage of the “Bad Fussing” and the “Ingrid Bergman”. This grace, beauty and heritage has made the “Crimson Bouquet” to be considered almost as famous as the “Mr. Lincoln”.

The bud of the Crimson Bouquet Rose is Ovoid and pointed in shape; the anticipation that one experiences as the buds which are found in clusters are beginning to open is intense. Led by a mild fragrance, the 20 to 35 petals that wrap around the center are double layered and colored in a beautifully eye catching red; the blooms can expand to approximately 4 inches in diameter.

This elegant Grandiflora will grow into a beautiful bush approximately 4 to 5 feet in height. This is the perfect size for most gardens even those that have the colder temperatures. Of course, this size is nothing when the magnificent blossoms bloom. Not only can this rose grow in zones 7 – 11 but it has great disease resistant characteristics. Characteristics that make this graceful rose easy to grow and care for by the beginner to the expert rose gardener.

If you love roses, then you really need to venture to the website of the AARS! The All-America Rose Selections (AARS) website ( not only has a great amount of information on and about roses but this website also provides photos and facts about each year’s AARS All-America Rose Selection winner such as the breathtaking Crimson Bouquet Rose.

The AARS is a non-profit organization that is ran be people who love roses just like you and I do. This well-known organization was started in 1938 by people who insisted upon having only the best roses growing in, not only their gardens, but other gardens as well. There is a very strict and intensive testing process that each rose must go through. If the rose continuously meets or exceeds every part of the AARS testing module, which lasts two years, may be nominated and possibly win the best in each category for that year.

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