Double Knockout Roses

What is A Double Knockout Rose?


When you walk into the grocery store and see fresh cut flowers, do you ever stop to smell the roses?  Do you think how beautiful they are and wish that you had the time to plant and keep up with them yourself?  Now, thanks to the horticultures of today, the newest variety of rose that has been taking the world by storm perfecting what once was the fickle common rose, is the Double Knockout Rose.

Wouldn’t you love to have a flower garden that your entire neighborhood will look at with awe? Whether it is a house or an apartment, there are numerous varieties of beautiful flowers that you can make your selections from but by far, you can bet that the Double Knockout Rose is one of the most popular. Believe it or not, it is not nearly as high maintenance as some people think, and it is much easier to grow than the typical rose.

The Double Knockout Rose, with twice the number of petals, presents a fuller, richer, and brighter breath taking, longer lasting bloom that flourishes from spring all the way until fall. These gorgeous roses, unlike their sister rose, can grow in containers or the ground, and will get to be around 4 feet high. An added plus is they can even grow in the shade.

The once fickle common rose can now flourish without disease, seem almost insect resistant, and be virtually maintenance free growing a beautiful blanket of large red or pink petals.  The Double Knockout Rose grows thick without the hassle of those long hard hours of pruning back the foliage, and its improved cold hardiness begins blooming in late May or early June and can last until the heaviest fall frost.  That’s 9 months with extreme beauty in most places. The best part is after the glorious blooms leave; you have foliage during the winter months that starts as a dark burgundy. Then it changes to a very pretty lighter shade of orange-red. Planting them in rows makes a great hedge or boundary. There is no need for deadheading, since these magnificent roses are self-cleaning. The roses bloom and then fall off and re-bloom.

Never having to spray again is also an advantage. Mildew, rust and black spots are no match for this impeccable variety of Rose. Rose midge and leaf hoppers be gone. The Double Knockout Rose is best grown using organic fertilizer that is slightly acidic, just as with their sister roses, but unlike them, you only have to fertilize once a year with a slow release fertilizer. They thrive in very humid climate, whereas the common rose usually needs spray treatments. Removing broken or diseased wood, and the removal of any dead, spindly or crisscrossed canes from surrounding foliage is necessary from time to time.

Whether you spend hours in the garden or have only 5 minutes, these glorious roses are a must to have. They are exceptional for curbside, patio, archways, flower beds, even driveways and walk ways. The Double Knockout Rose has a very light-sweet fragrance that greets you upon leaving or entering the house without overpowering you.

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