Gardening Roses

Gardening Roses – Relaxing and Fun!


Oh the scents that flowers can deliver into the air! A flower garden is such a beautiful sight when in bloom and even better when flowers are blooming at different times of the year.  Caring for a flower garden can be difficult if you make it that way.  Gardening Roses sounds difficult but it can be easy too!

Most plants require basically the same maintenance but at lesser or greater amounts and perhaps different times of the year.  If you want to have roses in your garden and unsure how to proceed, just take it one step at a time.  Think of the process of growing any type of plant then ask questions but make the questions be geared towards roses.

You can find information about Gardening Roses at your local library, on the container the rose is purchased in, from your neighbors who already are growing roses and of course at your local nursery.  The easiest, quickest and probably where you’ll find the most information is on the internet.

Gardening Roses is basically just like growing other types of flowering plants.  Sometimes we get caught up in what the plant looks like and the color of its blossoms but there is a lot more that needs to be taken into consideration in caring for your roses.

The ground needs to be readied by making sure that it’s not too acidic, the area in which the roses will be planted needs to cleaned and large enough for the roses to grow into and of course the amount of shade needs to be verified as roses prefer minimal or no shade.

If you are choosing to plant a climber, make sure that the trellis or other object that you will want the rose to grow on is in place and ready.  If you are going to plant a miniature rose bush, make sure that the surrounding plants will not crowd it out and stop it from growing.

Once the rose has been planted, the watering needs to be maintained at a deep watering level and then once the plant has rooted, then a drip system is perfect to keep its thirst at bay.  It is important to not get the leaves and blossoms wet as this can cause black rot but of course you can’t control the weather.

Fertilization is not normally required unless the ground requires it but you can fertilize in the spring.  There are different formulas and products, from natural receipes to premade formulas, that you can add to the soil to provide additional nutrients to the rose plant.

When Gardening Roses, pruning is another important process that needs to be done.  Cutting off dead stems or branches can be intimidating as you may fell that you are cutting off too much.  Don’t be too concerned about how much as roses can recover magnificently.  Don’t prune in the winter and if you need to prune during the hot weather, do so only to keep the shape and remove the spent blooms.

Take your time and enjoy Gardening Roses as the end results are well worth your time and efforts!

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