Kordana Rose

Kordana Rose Different Types


What is one of the most beautiful things you can think of? Are roses one of them? Roses are unique, lovely and sought after as gifts on special occasions.  The rose family consists of numerous types and colors.  Did you know that roses even come in the small size variety?  Did you know about Kordana Rose Different Types that are available?

There are several varieties of miniature roses which include Limbers, Micro-Mini, Miniflora and Trailers.  Limbers like to grow vertically and can be trained with supports.  Micro-Mini grows 6 – 12 inches with the blossoms growing in size from ¼ – 1 inch in diameter.  The Miniflora are larger than the Micro-Mini with the growth between 2 ½ to 4 ½ feet in height.  Trailers love to cascade and can be found over walls in baskets.

The Kordana Rose is part of the miniature family.  This rose is unscented and usually found at your local florist at a very minimal price. The happiness that the plant brings far exceeds its small size.

In spite of its small size and no scent, the color spectrum is large.  The shades vary from white, yellow, pinks to reds.  The Kordana Rose Different Types available even include some that are two toned due to their breeding.  There are over 40 different varieties of which the names range from A to V.

The Alexandra Kordana shows colors from apricot to orange pink with either double or tea shaped blooms.  Its growth ranges from 18 – 24 inches and blooms from late Spring to mid Fall.  This little beauty is shade tolerant and somewhat thorny and is considered a bush.  The Alexandra will grow in zone 6A but it is a great plant that with optimum maintenance will grow in more places.

Vanilla Kordana is from the smaller variety as it growth is from 6 – 12 inches in height.  This tiny one provides a yellow blend of colored petals that grow in a double tea shape pattern.  The blooms repeatedly appear late Spring to early Summer.  The zones range from 6a to 10b but take caution as it is susceptible to Black Spot.  The Vanilla Kordana can be propagated from budding to woody stem cuttings.  This type would be a great rose to start with.

Other Kordana Rose Different Types available are The Bambino™ which is a micro-mini , the Lavender, Flirt, Mandarina, Smile, Sunbeam Kordana’s just to name a few.

The Kordana Rose does not always care for direct sun all day, so luckily for you, the shade is the place to be!  Sometimes there are shady spots in our yard, and not all plants like the shade, that the Kordana Rose can be placed.

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