Lady Elsie Mae Shrub Rose

Lady Elsie Mae Shrub Rose – A True One of A Kind.


A rose is a rose is a rose; but an AARS award winning rose is more than just any rose. The “Lady Elsie Mae” fits this statement as it is definitely not just any rose. Being an All-America Rose Selections (AARS) winner for the year 2005, this rose is strikingly beautiful and very hardy.

The AARS award winner “Lady Elsie Mae Shrub Rose” is amazingly beauty with its semi-double coral colored blooms make this rose stand out from the rest. You have to take the time to see this spectacular rose, visit the AARS website at and review the Past Rose Winners list. Although I give you fair warning, you may spend more time on this site as there is so much to see.

The proud parentage of “Rependia” and the “Gruss An Angelin” have given to the rose lovers a definite must have. The “Lady Elsie Mae Shrub Rose” has long cutting stems with waxy dark green leaves that only amplify the beauty of this rose. The fragrance is very light which is great for those who fragrance can sometimes be too overwhelming.

Not only are exquisite blooms appealing to the eye, but there are other excellent qualities to this rose. This AARS winning rose is very hardy and can be enjoyed in zone 5 and zone 4 (with winter protection). This lovely rose is extremely disease resistant and can withstand the summer heat. In addition, the “Lady Elsie Mae Shrub Rose” is a perfect candidate to be shown in containers on your patio or near the front door.

The AARS has very high standards to their testing that they perform on every rose presented and each rose must be able to withstand the pressure in order to be nominated for an AARS winning red seal of approval. Tested for a number of very important qualities and in different regions of the country, only the superior roses will be seen at the finish line.


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