Names of Roses

Names of Roses – Are Bountiful


As far back as can be documented, the rose has been valued for the beauty it holds.  The rose has been a symbol to identify a confidential matter in Rome or social democracy for most of Europe after World War II.  Of course, the red rose for most of symbolizes love.  Along with the symbolization that have been associated with roses, the Names of Roses Are Bountiful.

A rose can be found either in miniature form, in the form of a bush, or as a vine climbing over a wall.  The variety of roses within the noted groupings can vary in their blooms, how thorny they are, where they grow and of course their colors.  Some roses have been found in the wild, other roses have been civilized into an enormous family from garden roses to new varieties that have been propagated to have a specific characteristic.

As in everything, a name is required so that the object can be correctly referred to in the future.  This is no different with roses.  A rose can be named by the area, the color, or perhaps the name of a person.  The Names of Roses Are Bountiful for every species and variety that exists today.

Wild Roses have the names of Lady Banks Rose, California Rose or Dog Rose.  Roses that originated in China have names of Slater’s Crimson China, Parsons Pink China and Parks Yellow Tea-Scented China.  Climbing roses have names such as Ayrshire, climbing China or Climbing Bourbon.

The family of Damask Roses, named for Damascus in Syria, have names such as Albertine, Gertrude Jekyll and Kazanlik.  Several names from the Portland family of roses are Jules Lesourd, Marie Robert and Jacques Cartier.  As you can see, the Names of Roses are Bountiful for every family.

The names of roses are usually listed by their color but can be listed also by the class they are in (bush, climber, miniature).  Roses are regarded as one of the most beautiful flowers and when named, the name is usually well chosen.  Whether the name be for the color, the scent or the shape of the blossoms the names are as unique as the rose itself.

The family of Grandifloras, meaning large flowered, includes the names of Queen Elizabeth and Montezuma.  Canadian Hardy roses have the varieties of Winnipeg Parks and Morden Sunrise.  Miniature roses have cute names as Petite de Hollande or Cupcake.

It is fascinating to see that the Names of Roses are bountiful which have been given to such lovely objects that so many desire for whatever reason are as unique as the rose itself.  Roses have been kept with its original characteristics, some have been propagated to be less thorny, others to survive colder climates (such as the Canadian Class).  Whatever rose you choose to enhance your table, patio or planters, the name of the rose will be as lovely as the rose blossom it offers.

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