Planting Roses

How to Get Started – Planting Roses


Do you think that Planting Roses can be a therapeutic process? I think it can. It takes a lot of thought and preparation to plant a rose but the blossoms that are offered later on make all the effort worth it.

The basic method of Planting Roses is always the same. However, depending upon who you talk to there might be a step or two that you didn’t think of. Don’t worry if this happens because you will learn from experience which is a natural process. Experience teaches us what works and what doesn’t.

You could simply dig a hole, insert the rose, backfill in dirt, water and you are done. You might already guess that there is a little bit more to Planting Roses than just described. However, these were the steps used centuries ago. Over time, the lovers of roses have learned about the soil and that roses have certain requirements to make them happier.


Sun, water and the soil are all inclusive to a healthy plant. For roses, sunlight is very important; don’t you like to spend some time in the sun too? Most roses need about 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight. Roses could survive in partial shade but they won’t produce a larger number of blooms as often or as large as if the same plant was in the sun.

Water is also essential and too little or too much can cause damage to the rose. Too little will dehydrate the plant and if not provided within a reasonable period of time, the plant will begin to wilt and eventually die. Too much water can cause root rot. This would occur if there was a broken pipe nearby or some other type of flooding is occurring in which the ground is not allowed to dry out.

The soil that a rose lives in is also important as the rose obtains its nourishment from the soil. If the soil is too acidic or doesn’t have sufficient nutrients the health of the rose will be affected. It could still survive; however, the growth of the plant and its blossoms will reflect the reduction of healthy soil. If you are unsure about the quality of your soil, you can take a sample to your local nursery and they can determine what you need or don’t need to ensure healthy soil for your roses.

Although roses have been growing on their own for centuries, we have adapted them to live in our gardens. We have cultivated them and enjoyed them with passion. Planting Roses and caring for them has become a past time that many look forward to each week. We love digging in the dirt to provide a new home for something that we will enjoy watching grow and will cherish the blossoms that we have in vases on our tables.

It is a process that must continue. Roses aren’t a requirement to have in our gardens but for self-fulfillment. Planting roses offers us a way to return to nature and watch over time the growth that occurs and the beautiful that develops in our own yards and gardens.

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