Rooting Roses

Rooting Roses – What Does It Mean?


Why are roses one of the most wanted in a flower garden? Perhaps it is because they are so beautiful and their fragrance is aromatic.  Roses have always been a very popular flower for most occasions; growing roses is popular as well and it is easy to start your own plantings via the rooting process.  What Does It Mean Rooting Roses?

So, What Does It Mean Rooting Roses?  This simply means that you are making a rose root but it certainly sounds like much more.  This process takes patience and perhaps a little practice to find the right method for you.

You may now have the jest of What Does It Mean Rooting Roses at this point so let’s venture on to the basics.  When you decide that you would like to use this process, before you begin remember the basics of growing roses themselves and you will have a great start.

The ground should be prepped just as if you were planting a rose that already has roots and is ready to be planted.  The spot in which you will be placing the rose should be free of weeds and ready to accept the planting.

It is best to use a cutting that has matured or has healthy buds that are showing color.  If you are unable to plant it right away, keep the stem moist by either keeping it in water or in a very moist towel and placing it within an air tight container.

When ready to plant the cutting, preferably in the spring, remove all the leaves or buds from the lower part of the stem and gently score the bottom of the stem.  It is also very important to keep the stem moist while prepping the stem.  Apply a rooting compound to the bottom of the stem where the stem was cut from the main plant and scored.  Then place into the ground.

Once the cutting is in the ground, cover with a jar or plastic wrap and keep it warm and also needs to be shaded so that it won’t be burned by the sun.  Check the cutting daily to make sure that the ground is moist and mist if necessary but do not overwater.  Within one to two months rooting will take place.  You will know that the stem has rooted when you try to pull on the stem and it doesn’t give.

So What Does It Mean Rooting Roses mean to you? It means that you can take a cutting, prep it, place it in the ground and in time you can have a new generation blooming in no time.

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