Rose Planting

Rose Planting – For the Beginner


Usually when a person decides that they would like to create a flower garden, they will eventually also decide that rose planting is a task that they would like to try and tackle as well. These flowers are a good option for any size of garden because they are so timeless, and they are absolutely gorgeous to look at. Not to mention they have a scent that is sure to dazzle your sense. Below you will find a few tips that will help you achieve success as you begin the rewarding journey of rose planting.

First you will need to decide exactly what kind of rose planting you would like to begin with. Some people decide that they would prefer having just a regular rose bush, and then others find that they like the look that the climbers provide. Bush roses are similar to shrubs, and climbers have canes that grow from them which will require some type of support, such as a trellis, pole, or even a fence.  The most commonly planted rose type that most individuals choose is the hybrid tea rose. Some of the other very common rose bush types that are also popular are the hybrid perpetuals, the fioribundas, and the polyanthas.

If you are contemplating the idea of rose planting, you will first want to pick the spot that you would like to grow them in your flower garden, and take care to properly prepare the soil around the area you have selected. To prepare soil for rose planting you should use garden loam with organic matter that contains some peat moss, compost, rotted or commercial manure, or leaf mould. This step should be done a few days before you begin the planting process so the soil has an ample amount of time to set in good.

You can plant roses in the fall or the spring, but planting them in the fall is the best option. When you plant the roses, be sure to take the time to inspect the roots and make sure that none of the root system has dried out. If they have, you will want to soak them before planting them into the garden. Also, be sure that you trim back any of the roots that have grown too long, have broken, or are weak.

When the time has arrived that you can begin planting, set the plant in a hole that will give the root system plenty of room for it to spread. You will also want to make sure that it is deep enough so that the bud, or the part of the plant where the root attaches to the top of the plant, is just under the surface. If you are planning to plant more than one rose bush, make sure that you keep them at least 18” apart, and it is also important to keep the branches pruned about 8” from the soil.

Following each of these tips as you learn about the joys that these beautiful flowers can bring, will ensure that you end up with strong and healthy plants that will last a long time to come.

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