Rose Soil

Proper Rose Soil


There are several different factors that should be taken into account during the planning process of creating the beautiful flower garden that you have dreamed of all your life. When part of your plans consist of including a variety of attractive roses in your dream garden, this fact is especially true, and one of the most important would be to ensure that you use a quality rose soil that contains an adequate amount of four key elements. This is a task that is not always easy to achieve, and making the choice of which type of soils, “Rose Soil” you should use can sometimes be a frustrating decision if you are unsure of the values that it should contain.

One of these elements would be inorganic materials, and would include silt, sand, or clay. For the best results, you will want this specific material to make up somewhere around 45% of the rose soil that you are going to use. The soil should also contain what is known as humus. This is an organic material that contains a large amount of decomposed materials. Water and air are of course two other very important elements that are vital to the success that you achieve with the flowers you intend on planting.

Nutrients are a very important factor that will determine the overall health of your plants. Soil that includes adequate amounts of both manure and compost is sufficient, and in the event that you do not have compost, peat moss can be substituted. A soil that crumbles easily and has a light feel to its texture is what you want to look for, along with a pH balance that is anywhere between 6.5 – 6.8.


There are some individuals who enjoy a challenge and decide they want to try mixing their own soil. However, if you are someone who is just learning how to do this effectively, ending up with a good mixture of rose soil may not be nearly as easy to achieve as you think. Adding more organic material to the soil than is necessary will often result with a high level of acid. Careful mixing can often avoid this frustrating problem.

One consideration that should be carefully thought of and planned well in advance is adequate drainage of water. You can have soil that may be considered perfect and contains just the right level of nutrients, but if the water is not able to drain properly or be absorbed in a sufficient amount of time, you could still find your precious plants ending up with disaster. The overall goal that you are looking for is beautiful and thriving roses that you will be able to enjoy for a long time to come. This is not the result you will notice if drainage is too fast, or too slow.

Take care to pay special attention to each one of these factors, which will go a long ways to successful rose garden growing and to achieving rich nutritive rose soil that your plants will love.

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