What Are The Best Rose Pots

What Are Rose Pots and What Are The Best Rose Pots?


Gardening isn’t all fun and games but one sure can have a lot of fun.  To the avid gardener, it isn’t all work as there is play involved too.  When a beautiful plant such as a rose is intended to be displayed, the pot it should be in should balance the rose’s beauty.  So What Are The Best Rose Pots?

For those of you who don’t know, roses can be very small to very large.  The small roses are called miniature roses and can be found at an inexpensive price at your local grocery store or nursery.  These little guys are perfect for small spaces and usually come in a basic clay 3 to 4 inch pot.

For the bigger full version rose plant, they usually are not sold in a pot but you can certainly plant them into a pot.  This is a perfect idea for decks, small patios or someone who has difficulty gardening due to being on the ground and getting up off the ground.

What Are The Best Rose Pots when choosing a pot for either the miniatures or the regular rose bush, you can choose a basic clay pot that you can buy at your local discount store, home improvement store or nursery.  The interesting thing about clay pots is that they can also come in various designs that provide an extra architectural feature.   If you would prefer a ceramic pot, this would do just as well.

There is such a variety today for any type of plantings done in pots to satisfy even the most fickle gardener.  You can experiment or simply choose the pot that you like the best.  The most important things to remember are the size of the plant in relation to the size of the plant and it should also have good drainage.

If you ask the garden specialist at the local nursery “What Are The Best Rose Pots” they will probably tell you that which ever one you choose would be perfect.  When you do choose a pot, make sure that the saucer can be removed as the saucer could cause root rot and the pot needs to be able to hold and support the weight of the plant in full bloom and dirt without tipping over in high winds.

In addition to making sure the size of the pot is proportionate to the plant that it will contain; keep in mind the size of the plant and pot together and where you intend to place the plant and pot.  For example, for a miniature rose there isn’t too much concern as to they type of pot but should be bigger than what they original were purchased in.

For a full sized rose bush, will the pot be stationary or will you want to move it.  If you may want to move it, it will need to be on a base with rollers therefore the weight of the pot and plant together should be taken into consideration.

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