Whisper Hybrid Tea Rose

Whisper Hybrid Tea Rose – An AARS Award Winning Rose


Each year the AARS awards their red seal to roses that are able to withstand the grueling two year stint of tuff training. One of the four AARS award winning roses for 2003 is the Whisper Hybrid Tea Rose. Introduced by Jackson & Perkins, and offered with the parenting of the “Solitaire” and “Elina”, this delicate beauty is a so attractive that this rose will easily enhance any rose lover’s garden.

Following a trail of a slightly musky scent you will find a lovely bush that has gracefully long stems, perfect for cutting to make striking centerpieces. Each stem is graced with extremely dark, semi-glossy green leaves but what will not only catch your eye but also your breath is the blossoms.

The “Whisper” is a Hybrid Tea that offers extremely large blooms, blooms that can have 30 to 35 petals in a double layer per bloom with a diameter of five inches! The bloom is the color of a clean and crisp white; which is very striking against the dark green leaves. These beautiful blooms will definitely stand on their own and grace your garden.

This amazing beauty has the ability to grow in zones 6 to 10 and will bloom repeatedly throughout the last spring and summer. Being very disease resistant and very easy to care for, it is easy to see why this All-America Rose Selections winner is indeed a true winner. Whether you are a new rose enthusiast or a seasoned one, the Whisper Hybrid Tea Rose should be considered a definite choice for your garden.

Choosing a rose can be much more detailed and the choosing process for rose lovers it is a big task. Having knowledge of what to look for is key to getting the perfect rose. The red seal of approval is placed by a fantastic organization called the All-America Rose Selections organization or AARS. This large group of people has teamed up to test a variety of roses every year to ensure that the roses that are given the red seal are of the highest quality and standards possible.

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